Hand Made in White Rock, BC

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Throwing Studio

Meet the Founder:


Bachelors degree; Interior Design. Throwing Pottery since 2021,

A designer at heart. Loves problem solving, organizing, + big ideas

Reason 3:

Sustainability is at the core of Everything we try to do. It can be an extensive process that takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. but The overall outcome makes it all worth it.

things We're proud of:

  • Recycling Clay in Studio

  • Re-use of Old boxes and paper for shipping

  • Minimal Firing (2x)

Reason 2:

Our values will resonate with you! Don't think so?

Reason 1:

We're a small Business, trying to make Our passions and dreams become a full time job! We have a fire inside us that just keeps getting bigger! you can be a huge factor in helping us keep That fire burning bright!

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Bonus Reason:

I do custom pieces!!