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Designs4play offers hand made custom pottery- Made in White Rock, BC


This collection includes everything I made before deciding to start this craft full time.

This was such a fun collection to create because it was all experimentation! I had no plan, rather just wanted to start making, and creating beautiful pottery!

01-DANCE collection

My FIRST official collection as a small business!!

This collection aims to communicate "Dance" through movement, flow, expression of emotions / feelings, storytelling, connection, rhythm, + repetition

02-S*X + LOVE collection

This collection was made to push boundaries! I love shaking things up :) I will be exploring different textures, scales, + shapes

03-GARDENING collection

This collection is inspired by my OMA, who passed away in February 2020, from pancreatic cancer. My goal is to create anything related to the process of growth; seeds, flowers, GREEN, lighting, growing, etc. My Oma loved gardening, and her memory still lives on through me

05-NATURE collection

This collection is an extension of my gardening collection.

It features "products of the earth". I've selected 8 nature items to focus on; clouds, dirt, people, animals, water, trees, sunsets, fire.


You will get to select; size, shape, any special designs, colour

06-FRUITS + VEGETABLES collection

This collection is a series of fruit + vegetable decorated vessels.

A focus on vessels with handles, bowls, vessels to hold juices, yogurt parfait, + fruit

07-TRAVEL + ADVENTURE collection

This collection was created because summer is my favourite season

It reminds me of sunshine, traveling, spending time outdoors, vacations, and the fact that my seasonal depression goes away! Grab your bag, let's go!


Have a piece of pottery that you love and you really want to save? Email me pictures of your piece, your goals for the piece, and we can discuss your options!

09-PLAY + LEARN collection

This collection is for the child in me that doesn't want any rules, and just want to have fun and make cool stuff!

It's a time to experiment, learn new things, try new things, and step outside of my comfort zone to see what I come up with.

10-HAUNTED collection

This collection is my spooky collection.

I want to create pieces to let out the "dark" side of me ;) My pieces will be inspired by ghosts, spiders, black white and orange colours

11-MUSIC collection

This collection was created because I grew up really connected to music and have lost my connection.

I want to create pieces inspired by artists, instruments, lyrics, melodies, harmony or rhythm. Anything to get me back into the music world

12-Celebration + Christmas collection

This collection has the intention of Celebrating Christmas (because it's a big part of my life) while also taking the time to celebrate a whole year of accomplishments.

My goal is to wrap up the year and prepare for the next chapter in life, through my pottery, I will have winter inspired pieces, Christmas tree Items and gingerbread motifs.

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